More Video Clips

Here are some video clips taken from the "DVD Extras" on the dvd version of the film. There's almost two hours of extras the DVD as there was so much great information that couldn't be included in the 82 minute film.

Terrence Real talks about self esteem and depression in men
(1 min 54 sec )



Peter Breggin talks about changes in psychiatry concerning psycological and spiritual problems
(2 min 50 sec )



Steven Hickman talks about Mindfulness as a tool for changing your relationship with your thoughts
(2 min 19 sec )



Loren Mosher talks about Soteria project and the American Psychiatric Association
(6 min 50 sec )



Lou Judd talks about anti-depressant drug development
(1 min 37 sec)



Connye Smalley talks about recognising symptoms and finding help and support
(1 min 48 sec)



Walter Rutherford talks about regaining power in your life and transforming problems into happiness on a spiritual path of growth
(4 min 40 sec)



Lawrence Price talks about physical illnesses which mimic depression and takes another look at genetic disposition to environment
(2 min 31 sec)



Walter Brown talks about dysthymia
(2 min 20 sec)



John Lenberg talks about building a relationship with yourself and living on faith
(2 min 44 sec)



Drupon Samten Rinpoche talks about meditation & freedom from suffering
(2 min 20 sec)



Lou Marinoff talks about being your own healer and the virtues of courage & patience
(1 min 18 sec)



Mary Ann Block talks about how SSRIs don't increase serotonin and the importance of medical tests and examination questions
(2 min 04 sec)



G. Tolbert talks about social stigma and pressure from community - breaking the cycle
(1 min 34 sec)



M. Gabor talks about function and her search for clarity
(3 min 23 sec)